Gold Sponsor Announced

We are super excited to announce that our 2022 production of Much Ado About Nothing is being generously supported by Ravenscroft Group.

Ravenscroft is an independently owned investment services group with offices in Guernsey, Jersey, the UK and the Isle of Man. Their aim is to understand the individual investment needs of each client and ensure that those needs are met.

They offer a range of services to help clients achieve their investment objectives; whether looking to trade directly, discuss investment opportunities, save over a longer period, invest in precious metals or achieve higher returns on cash. Ravenscroft is a member of both the London Stock Exchange and The International Stock Exchange.

We are thrilled to have one of the Island’s leading investment firms supporting us and it is great to receive such from a business keen to support the Manx community. To find out more about Ravenscroft check out their website at

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