Much Ado About Nothing

Our 2022 production was William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. We were excited to be working with the talented local director David Dawson for this production.

The production was staged at the King’s Court Theatre in Castletown in Easter 2022.

Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s most well-known and beloved plays; a comedy that delves into themes of love, jealousy and deception.

Set in the Italian town of Messina, Much Ado About Nothing opens with the arrival of Don Pedro, Prince of Aragon, along with his followers Benedick, Claudio and Don Pedro’s half-brother Don John.  Having returned from war, they visit and stay with Leonato, Duke of Messina, along with his daughter Hero and his niece Beatrice.

Claudio and Hero quickly fall in love, yet Don John seeks to destroy this relationship to undermine his half-brother Don Pedro, whom he despises.  All the while, Benedick and Beatrice trade jibes and appear to dismiss the concept of love entirely.  As the audience is taken through the comedic and dramatic events of this play, we see how the characters deal with both their own emotions and the consequences of the scheme concocted by Don John and his associates…

This production was supported by the Island’s leading investment services firm Ravenscroft Group and supported by Manx Radio – The Nation’s Station

Our fantastic cast:

Beatrice – Lisa Creighton 
Benedick – Peter Wicks
Claudio – Lorcan O’Mahony
Hero – Dandi Dancox
Don Pedro – Charlie Williams
Leonato – Dave Shaw
Don John – John Walker
Margaret – Sharon Walker
Borachio – Toby Smith 
Conrade – Samuel Turk
Dogberry – Tony Eccles
Verges – Ben Gale
Antonio – Howard Caine
Ursula – Kelly Firth
Friar Francis – Chris Jagus
The Watch – Oliver Sykes, Andrew Deighton
Sexton – Chris Jagus

Director – David Dawson
Assistant Director – Sarah Holland
Head of Wardrobe – Jude Fullerton
Producers – Alex Armstrong & Charlie Williams

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